The price for heating oil changes over time and by where a consumer lives. Crude oil is the major price component of heating oil. Therefore, the change in the price of crude oil affects the price of this oil as well. If the crude oil prices are stable, heating oil prices tend to rise gradually in winter or when demand for the fuel rises.

Delivery Options

There are two main delivery options.

Automatic Delivery

Through automatic delivery, you won’t have to worry about keeping your oil tank full. It is our responsibility, to regularly monitor your consumption remotely, and devise a schedule.

To access this option, you must have either a credit account or balance.

Will Call Delivery

If you want to go for will call delivery option, you have to call for delivery service every time you need the delivery. We require you to give us a notice of at least 24-48 hours and a minimum delivery requirement of 150 gallons.

You need to be present at home for the delivery unless you have balance or credit with us. We recommend you to let the tank level drop to half a quarter before you order new heating oil delivery.

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